Pic of the day – Sunrise Chicory

It seems fitting to post this the day my son is accepted to the college of his choice. It wasn’t at all a sure thing, and it wasn’t an ambitious choice. My son has Asperger Syndrome, but with several comorbid learning disabilities. The only learning disability I know of that he does NOT have is dyspraxia. He is actually much more capable, intelligent, and effective at learning than grades would lead you to believe. So it’s been tough over the years, always wondering if he’d learn what he needed to make it to the next grade. And here he is, planning college.

The picture is of my favorite flower — chicory. I love them for the sweetness of the blue petals in the morning, the surprising darkness and contrariness of the stamens, the tenderness of the petals at midday (how they cling to a touch), the delicate lavender fragility in the evening, the jagged edge of the petals contrasting with all that smoothness. But there is more than that. They are a weed. They seek out and grow in unlikely places. This one hangs over a curb inches from cars whizzing by. The stem is tough and wiry. If you mow it down it will bloom again, just closer to the ground, but they still bloom.