Pic of the day – A Sunshiny Cloudy Day

I found this very old painting by my daughter last weekend while cleaning house. I always always loved this one, which is part of why it has been so carefully preserved. It is also an excellent representation of how the day went — up and down.

I was so very happy this morning, because I’d received my second set of genomic scans last night, and they showed information that is necessary, helpful, and a cause of relief. Those are all different parts of the test, though. They show I am likely to have celiac (a result I’d hoped for); that meds I am on for something else are probably very dangerous for me (important to know); and that a genetic condition I’d worried about maybe having for forty years I’m unlikely to get.

That was all worth being happy about. Then I came home. The house was full of paint fumes, and my son was so miserable he went to stay with someone else overnight. The dryer is broken, and I am out of money. And, the most annoying part of this triple threat, the doorbell was going off constantly. After a couple hours of trying various possible solutions, I found the fuse it is on. The same one as the fridge. Oh.

Let’s just say we worked things out for tonight, and tomorrow is another day.