Pic of the day – Flowers & Fabric

I often ponder how much to say here. Stories to tell, but how much of the story? Some days the decision is made for me — I’m too sick or tired or busy to write much. Some days I decide my stories aren’t very interesting, are too whiny, or too private. These days I’ve fallen into a rut where these are all days, and I tell no stories. So.

So, today I will tell you that I walked past a store in between meetings a few days ago. I saw this. Well, a blouse made of this fabric. I walked away with it. It was the colors. Forest. Harvest. It was the patterns. Flowers. Curves. It was the design, like the top of a churidar kamiz. It was the texture. Sheer. Stiff. At once formal, demure, seductive.

I don’t know. Why? I don’t know. It was cheap. I decided I wanted to have it even if it didn’t fit. So I bought it. And then it did fit, after all.