Pic of the day – Roses

I haven’t been able to post because my new phone (which is now my only camera) lost the ability to email. Anyway, I just had an idea how to work around it, and… Continue reading

Pic of the day – White Clematis

I didn’t know clematis could be white, but it is very lovely.

Breathing: In Memory of Rose Ann (Broussard Cooper) Anderson

I’ve been silent on this blog recently because I had much bigger things on my mind. I received a phone call a couple weeks ago that my mom was in the hospital, but… Continue reading

Pic of the day – A Pair of Scholar Athletes!

These two are not just good looking, but also smart, talented, funny, and athletic! Whoa!!

Pic of the day – Frosted Strawberries

My ex, the garden pro, insisted that all I needed to do to protect the garden from last night’s freeze warning was a tarp. This morning checked the yard. All good, no frost.… Continue reading

Pic of the day – asparagus week at the Farmers Market

Pic of the day – Blossoming

Can’t get to Shapiro Library along South U, but there are advantages to the detour.

Pic of the day – A Boy and His Dog


Pic of the day – Forsythia

The flowers right now are all purple and gold, or blue and yellow.

Pic of the day – Wet Morning

This blog has moved from Posterous to WordPress. — Finally, it looks like really Spring. Wet nights, warm flowering days.