Pic of the day – Wounded Daffodil

April snows. Not as surprising as some folk think. Advertisements


Wow, did that start coming down fast. While walking the dog, too, of course.

Pic of the day – Shattered Egg

I feel like this

Pic of the day – Pooch moves in

Da pooch has arrived. We are told he is A Michigan Dog. #goblue

Pic of the day – Plasmasaurus

This little beauty reside by the plasma cutter at Maker Works, the tool used to make it. Phenomenal.

Pic of the day – New Pooch!!!

This is from the first home visit for the new pooch, who should be arriving to stay on Saturday morning. We are excited!

Pic of the day – Drum Kit Sketch

Hanging with Muruga, who tells the most wonderful stories and plays drums like an angel. He just told me a story of when the docs told him he was dying and he heard… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Wearable Tech at #FoolMoon

You couldn’t have made me much happier than when I spotted absolutely stunning wearable tech outfits at the #FoolMoon celebration here in town. The #FoolMoon celebration is an Ann Arbor thing where people… Continue reading

Pic of the day – #TEDxUofM Promo on the Belltower!

It was a nice surprise to see video projected on the Belltower for tomorrow’s TEDx event here.

Pic of the day – Circuit Board Assembly

I’ve been trying to learn about maker culture, but it takes some resources that don’t come easily to me. So I was very excited today to be offered a ride to a community… Continue reading