Pic of day – Choir director plus loving daughter

Our choir director’s young daughter came out and clung to her robe while she was conducting. So sweet! Advertisements

Pic of the day – Altar

Tonight, the altar is emptied of Christ, but still filled with candles, palms, and the Resurrection book.

Pic of the day – Platters

At Sabor Latino. Love the place. Probably won’t be back. Gluten poisoning.

Pic of the day – Glitter

Actually, suede imitation snakeskin shoes, sort of.

Pic of the day – New Bookstore Coming!

Just in case you didn’t know. Pretty close to campus, too! AND they’ve started stocking up!

Pic of the day – I need something cheerful

Really. Some new and more functional body parts wouldn’t go astray either.

Pic of the day – Exotic Pool

Photo taken at the Museum of Art.

Pic of the day – The state of the mailbox

Sigh. And it is too snowy right now to rebuild it …

Pic of the day – Flags of the World

I was so excited by the election of Pope Francis I that I snapped a pic of this Italian flag in with other countries important to us here.

Pic of the day – Hellebore

Lovely double Lenten Rose, found at the Farmers Market in the booth of Kern Family Farms.