Pic of the day – The Impossible Astronaut

Ironic stencil of an astronaut on the sidewalk not far from where I work. Advertisements

Dear City of Ann Arbor

Dear City of Ann Arbor, Could you please share with your workmen the concept that clearing snow from the sidewalks of city properties does NOT mean blocking the sidewalks of adjacent citizen properties… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Bike Lane Ahead

… But it is so snowy and slushy that I don’t see anyone bicycling. 🙂

The Sidewalk

Can you see it? This the morning after the storm on the way to work. I ended up walking in the street.

Pic of the day – Snow in the Dark

Blazing storm tonight. First rain, then sleet. Roads slushy and icing. Kids chanting under their breath, “snowdaysnowdaysnowdayPLZZZZZZ”

Pic of the day – First Sprout of Spring

I was surprised to see this lost leftover bulb sprouting on campus long before anything else has shown any signs of life. Hopeful!

Pic of the day – Tulips before coffee beans

Pic of the day – Rainbow Chard

This Swiss chard was at the Farmers Market this morning. So gorgeous, but I bought the carrots instead. Maybe next week.

Pic of the day – Arduino!

I’ve been wanting to play with Arduino for years. Finally got close enough to see one!!! Thanks to @nniiccoollee

Pic of the day – Gluten free hosts

One of our priests saw me take a gluten free host for Mass last month. He asked me what happens to me when I get gluten. I told him. I lose my memory.… Continue reading