M’Histoire: Sigh

You might think I am not blogging here since I got the good news. Unfortunately, that is NOT why. I’ve been flat on my back sick for the past week, and that is… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Good News, Story Continues

Wednesday, I was over at someone’s house showing them how to use Twitter. They had invited a few family and friends to watch. I didn’t realize I’d be teaching a class! Anyway, one… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Hmmm, now this makes more sense …

Here are just a couple images from today’s CT scan. I’ve been staring at them, and eventually my brain kicked in, and I thought, you know, the bony parts, aside from the bump,… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Time to Take Pics

Tomorrow morning at 7:00AM I will be at Radiology to take real pictures of the bony bump in my mouth. Not like these, which I took with Photo Booth, literally hovering over my… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Who? Me?

If it had been anyone else, and they’d asked me what to do, I would have told them the 180 degrees opposite from what I did myself. The bit I wrote last week,… Continue reading

M’Histoire: The Month My Mouth Morphed, Minutely

A few weeks ago I had a couple days of shooting pains on the right side of my palate. I thought I’d really talked myself into some doozy of psychosomatic symptoms this time!… Continue reading

M’Histoire: A Handful

At church today, I was singing in the choir, like always. I had trouble paying attention to Mass – my mind kept wandering. I had glanced at the readings beforehand, so had an… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Bubbles

Good news! I heard from my primary care doc, and the surgeon’s office agreed to change the imaging test. No CT with contrast, not the MRI or MRA we’d asked about substituting, just… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Trust Me

Yesterday I was fiddling around with the Marvel Superhero Create Your Own Comic generator, struggling to come up with a quick concept that might work into a tiny strip. From this, it is… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Passing the Cup

I don’t know if other folk are like this or not, but for me, the more I think someone is trying to hide something from me or cover it up, the more determined… Continue reading