M’Histoire: Pushing the River

I’m not sure, but I think I’m doing the same stupid thing I usually do — talking too much about things people don’t want to know. After all, that is the obvious next… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Over There!

Waiting for the bus, I catch myself singing under my breath, “Over there! Over there! Send the Yanks, send the Yanks, over there!” It’s been a week since my appointment with my primary… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Instant Psychosis, Just Add Water

All day, thinking about what do I need to do to prepare for the doctor appointment, for my presentation on Thursday, for the public forum I’m chairing on Saturday. Revise slides, update wiki,… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Sing a Song of Gray

As my son rushed out the door late to catch the bus, I shivered in the dark, noticing the sheer skimming of white ice over the driveway that hadn’t been there the night… Continue reading

M’Histoire: Eureka?

There can be a moment when all the pieces of information and experience you have on a topic cease to daisy chain together like a railroad train chugging along a set of rails,… Continue reading